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If you live in, or plan on visiting the Fort Lauderdale area, we accept appointments in person.  If you are non-local, yet interested in our programs, you can enroll online and elect for follow up support.  Call 754-444-7348 to schedule and appointment or email using the form below.

We currently offer Alignment Science training and support along with several other programs. When you get to know us, we can help you more.

Paul Alignment












Paul Bunting’s Credentials:

  • 1994 — All State Wrestling Finalist

  • 1997 — NFPT Certified Personal Trainer

  • 2000 — Fitness Institute International “Fitness Trainer”

  • 2003 — American Yoga Foundation — Alignment Science Facilitator

  • 2007 — Yoga Alliance “E-RYT 500″ (Translates into Experienced, as in 4 years 2,000 hour minimum logged teaching time — Registered Yoga Teacher with 500 Hours of Teacher Training)

  • 2008 — Designated “Yogacharya” (translating to Well Versed In Yoga) by Harmon Hathaway (my teacher) of The American Yoga Foundation.