Holstic Relaxation

Elicit The Relaxation Response at Will. Register For Holistic Relaxation:

Don’t let the tense beginning of our intro clip fool you. We demonstrate tension (stress) and relaxation in ways you can feel, as you’re watching!


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Not Moderated Self Pace Study Only $49 for 10 weeks! Click Here to Enroll

Moderated Class (with support) Only $149 for 10 weeks online – Click Here to enroll now!

Holistic Relaxation is a 10 Week Class available Online or in person that features:

- Five Breathing Techniques that immediately impact the nervous system and alter your physiology

- Three Alignment Science Bodily Releasing Techniques

- 10 Instant Stress Reduction Focusing Techniques

- 10 Written Engagements

- Ongoing Support

Only $449 with in person, in office facilitation!

Click Here To Enroll Now: http://alignmentscience.pathwright.com/school/catalog/course/holistic-relaxation/6232/register/

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