Soulistic Detox

Take a Life Review – Detox From Old Patterns – Embrace The New!

What does near-death have to do with you? Listen to find out:

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The Soulistic Detox is a self-paced Six Part Life Evaluation Program available with or without Coaching. Areas evaluated include:

- Family Relations (Understand, accept, heal and move on)

- Patterns of Intimacy (what are you doing over and over that stands in your way)

- Patterns of the platonic friends (are those closest to you really best for you?)

- You social space (What patterns do you create socially? Do these align with your aspirations?)

- Patterns of difficulty (Do you make bad into worse without even realizing?)

- Patterns of bliss (Do you allow yourself enough? Does your pursuit cause difficulties?)

- Enrollment is $249 – Moderated Program, which means you get support online. Coaching also available with additional arrangements.

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